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"Nothing Great has been accomplished in this world without passion"

Where Only The Best Counts...
Our Akitas are raised to be Family, Friend, and Show dogs

Beautiful Akitas, Come With Experience....Temperament, Comes With Committment!

Dayami Akitas follows the practises of the kennel club assured breeder scheme, you can be assured that we have undertaken to follow basic good practise, as laid out by the scheme. It is our mission to breed well tempered, fun loving and loyal Akita’s, by adhering to a strict breeding policy, we strive to ensure the good health and pleasant temperament of our Akita’s. We only breed when we are looking to improve our breeding program. We examine our own genealogy lines and the parental Hip Scores and Eye tests. We have also undertaken temperament studies of our puppies to ensure the continued well being of future litters. Dayami believes, it is vitally important to ensure all prospective owners are vetted to confirm their suitability to care for a Dayami Akita.

We would like to introduce the Dayami Akita

Do not be tempted by an Akitas beautiful looks... there is so much more to owning an Akita, yes they are big beautiful creatures, with a streak of stubbornness, an aloof personality and mind of their own. Being clever is what they do best.

Can I also make it quite clear that an Akita is not for everyone, yes they are beautiful, they get along with children if raised alongside them, but it is not all fun and games with an Akita... with their aloof personality, dominant trait and of course last but not least their inbred hunting ability to hunt bears and creatures alike makes them prone to chasing all sorts of prey.

I recommend researching this breed, going through my site and possibly buying some of the recommended books, this will enable you to be well educated in what it means to have a beautiful creature like an Akita. With beauty comes work.

An Akita in the right hands will be loving, caring, respectful, protective and most of all Loyal to its family! I hope you enjoy the work that has gone into making this site as educational and informative as possible.

Read onwards and enjoy...


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